Force Customers to Only Checkout with Billing Address (Disabling Shipping Address)

Geoff Jackson

Geoff Jackson (more commonly known by his online pseudonym zigojacko) is the founder of Design Haven and The Clubnet Group which hosts numerous agencies including the most widely recognised of them, Clubnet Digital, a full service digital marketing and creative design/development agency. He also has a personal blog but it doesn't get updated as much as he'd like.

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11 Responses

  1. Phil Stewart says:

    It’s a great extension. However, I have multiple sites, and the extension switches off the delivery address for all sites.
    Is there a way of the module only working on particular sites?


    • Unfortunately, there is no support for multistore in this extension Phil but we’ll hopefully try and see if we can extend it to support this soon and will publish an update.

  2. Shaun says:

    This is precisely what I am looking for, however it is not working for Magento 1.8.1. Any way to create a version for 1.8.1?

    • Hey Shaun, I’ve unfortunately never managed to revisit this but if my memory serves me correctly (quite unlikely), I am pretty sure we tested this on 1.9.X so would also work on 1.8.X.

      I will have to roll it out on a 1.8 install and take a look which I shall try and do at some point soon.

  3. jan says:


    this doesn’t work in 1.9.2,

    radio button showing ‘ship to different address’ still appears but doesn’t function, making it look like a fault.  in addition there is an xml error being generated by the code.

  4. robert g. says:

    I am using Magento ver. and it doesn’t seem to be working. I downloaded the extension and copied the app file to my magento installation.  I’m not sure if I need to do anything else. I cleared my magento cache as well.

  5. robert g. says:

    Nevermind I was able to get it to work in Magento ver.

  6. Vikaash says:


    I have install the extension in my website and ship to different address removed from the billing address section.

    But when I click on continue button under billing information section, it’s not move to shipping method section. It’s stay on billing information section without any error.

    I am using 1.7.1 version please help me on this.



    • Sorry for not replying sooner Vikaash, missed a load of comments previously.

      Are you familiar with loading up your browser console and then trying with your console open? It should log an error in the console which will explain why it won’t let you move from billing to shipping sections at checkout.

      This is a common issue and could prove to be unrelated to this modification, has different causes though. With the error from your console, we can let you know where the problem lies (or share your website and I can check myself).

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