Who We Are


Design Haven was formed in 2012 by a group of directors from a couple of established agencies in the web industry. After a number of close collaborations on various projects, we founded Design Haven to bridge the connection and give us a greater platform to showcase our work and push our design, development and marketing services.

Within this company, we have a small team but together, excel in each of their own areas so we can pick up projects at their very infancy and see them right through to the end, managing everything in-house.

We provide bespoke and custom design and development for websites of any nature. We can work with any content management system, we can work in any coding language… We can even build you your own content management system and write you your own language if you wish.

We have offices in Plymouth, a base in Swindon and clients from all around the World.

Our Philosophy

We don’t do cheap. If you want a cheap website, then expect cheap results. Those designers that offer cheap website design, are normally those that aren’t very good designers – this means you’ll probably end up with a website built in frames and tables that won’t ever be found on the internet. If you’re not prepared to invest into what’s arguably, one of the best chances your business has of generating exposure, then it will likely cost you far more in the long run while you learn the hard way have your fingers burnt by the thousands of people claiming to be a designer/developer. It happens, we normally end up with their clients eventually, redoing everything that they should have done in the first place… Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

We won’t cut corners, we’ll work with you and deliver results whilst meeting your expectations.